Texas businesses join up against LGBT discrimination



Flag supporting gay rights blowing in the wind

by Austin Graham, Staff Writer

Multiple businesses have joined up to take a stand against LGBT discrimination in work places. They created an initiative to change religious freedom measures that have been filed at the statehouse which created turbulence with the LGBT community.

“Texas is an economic powerhouse because it’s a place where talented people, entrepreneurs, and companies want to call home,” board member for Texas Competes Tom Meredith said, according to bizjournals. “But our competitiveness is in jeopardy if Texas does not become a place that is welcoming of LGBT workers and families.”

This initiative has been named Texas Competes and contains large businesses such as Southwest Airlines Inc. and Dell Inc. along with over 100 other business companies or organizations. They have all pledged to take a support equal rights for the LGBT community. 

“Diversity is more than an essential element of Dell’s corporate values, it’s a force that helps shape the type of company we are and aspire to be,” said Dell’s vice president of human resources Craig Biscoe. “We look forward to working with Texas Competes to ensure our state has a pro-business economy and diverse workforce needed for Texas companies to succeed,” according to bizjournals.

Since Texas is one of the largest states in the U.S, this organization has the potential to make a lot of impact. It has been a trending topic on twitter and is becoming aware to more and more teenagers.

“I think it’s great that they’re doing this,” junior Hunter Jones said. “I’ve seen a lot of discrimination in just my small amount of personal experience and I know it’s a big problem.”

This is not the first time business companies/organizations in Texas have made a stand for the LGBT community. Even with other initiatives against equality for this community, Texas Competes will continue to fight.