Update on the progress of Bagdad’s sidewalks



Construction on Road

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

Bagdad Road has been under construction since 2011, with the expansion of the street and new shopping complexes. Though it’s seemed as if this contrction is going to take forever, there is a motion for the road to be completed soon. Side walks are a big part of this project and not many know why they are so important to have on the street once construction is completed.

The plans for the construction of new sidewalks look at the street width to help plan out where the sidewalks go and if it’s reasonable for them to be put there. The benefits of these sidewalks are making streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. Bagdad also has ample street widths which can be used for a planting strip. This is where trees and native plants can be planted to help catch storm water from flowing into the street.

The City of  Cedar Park has acquired a timeline for the sidewalk project and improving turn lanes for Bagdad Road from Whitestone Boulevard/1431 to Kettering Drive. The set timeline is from February 2011 to 2015. The city has acquired a budget of $4.3 million for all the work needed, with 70% of funds coming from federal funding and the rest being paid for by the City of Cedar Park.

The addition of side walks will promote planting strips which will become rain gardens or a bio-retention area that will cleanse storm water. They provide a safer way of traveling for pedestrians which is a good thing for the parents of teens who walk along the Bagdad road to get to stores such as Walgreens, Subway and most importantly the school.