Cool Week offers great opportunities

   Approximately 100 seniors will participate in Cool Week, Feb. 2 through Feb. 6.  Their assignments for the week are to shadow professionals in various companies, to learn hands-on how the company works, to solve a problem and make a final presentation on Friday.

   Seniors involved in Cool Week are giving up three days vacation (Feb. 2, 3, 4 are student holidays), but they don’t seem to mind.

   “The extra effort will be well worth the knowledge gained,” Shelby King, senior, said. It’s an incredible opportunity for seniors to learn more about the fields they are choosing to study in  college,” she said. Shelby has been assigned to Seton Hospital Brackenridge where she will be learning about imaging.

   Several seniors will be shadowing at schools throughout the district because they intend to pursue careers in education: Carina Kahler, Davis Elem., Lindsey Kimball, Grisham MS, and Matt Brock and Alyssia Brown to West View MS.

   Headed to JC Penney or Sports Clips at Lakeline Mall are cosmetology students Javona Cheairs, Joanna Reyes, Jordan VanHorn and Jessica Parsons.

   Both students and the transition coordinator, Sandra MacLachan, worked to secure job sites for students’ placement. In additions, seniors missing class work on Thursday and Friday will be given credit for the work they did on their presentations.

   Brandon Hipps, third year photography student, will work all week with  professional photographer, Michael Harmon, owner of Akasha Studios. Shelby Roffman, who also has an interest in photography, will spend her time at the Hill Country News.

   “I am really excited about getting to work with Michael Harmon learning studio and portrait lighting,” said Hipps.