Disaster Strikes Brazilian City

by Caio Jahara  

Angra dos Reis, a city at the south part of Rio de Janeiro’s State, is going through a surge of homelessness due to the destruction caused by several recent storms.  These storms have caused massive landslides, resulting in the destruction of numerous houses and deaths.

   From the latest reports at least 50 people have been killed, 221 houses are unreachable and 600 other houses were declared to be in areas too dangerous for the public, affecting over 2,400 people.

   The Mayor of Angra dos Reis has forbidden new construction in any mountains or hills around the area, until the situation is normalized, and will give 300 dollars per month to every family affected by the rains.

   According to the Angra dos Reis Fire Department, at least 350 firefighters from Angra and nearby cities are digging the mud in search of survivors.

   The city is receiving donations from all over the country, and has already received 11.5 tons of food, over 35,000 pieces of cloth and 28,000 liters of water.angra dos reis