Earth Week Aims to Create Awareness

By Ashley Bagwell            Photo By Matt Broussard

   Every year a group of students devote a part of their lives to an increasingly important cause, diligently contributing their time and energy to making the environment just a bit better on behalf of the school. They take turns one day every week, staying after class to push around an old shopping cart collecting box after box of discarded papers and making the often windy trip out to the big green recycling bin most people don’t even know exists.

   Every year they do this work in silence: no complaining, no preaching. That is until their chance for validation arrives in the form of Earth Week. It marks a time when the world takes notice and becomes at least a little more aware of the impact every person has on the world around them.

   “We take the Earth for granted 51 weeks out of the year,” said Judy Guerra, Green Paws sponsor. “It won’t hurt us to be reminded that the Earth is important.”

   The members of Green Paws are undoubtedly aware of their impact on the Earth, but Earth Week marks a time for them to focus on teaching others the information they have gathered.

   “We describe certain environmental issues that affect our planet, and we give ideas on how to help minimize them,” said Genesis Urbina, senior and Green Paws Vice President.

   While lessons of this nature are valuable for any member of society they can have an even greater affect on high school students who are, in many ways, still forming a basis of understanding on how the environment works and how big of an impact they can have.

   “We learn a basis of values that continues to develop, and we are able to take to heart that helping the environment will provide a better world for the future,” said Ellen Giddens, senior and Green Paws president.

Earth Week Themes:

Meatless Monday – Promoting awareness about factory farms

Thermal Tuesday – Promoting awareness about climate change

Water Wednesday – Promoting awareness about water pollution and endangered sea life

Thursday – Earth Day

Foresting Friday – Promoting awareness about the effects of deforestation