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Get the Facts Straight: SAG-AFTRA and WGA Strike
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Get the Facts Straight: SAG-AFTRA and WGA Strike

All the newest information on the strikes in Hollywood
Ben Bailey

What are SAG-AFTRA, WGA and AMPTP?

SAG-AFTRA is the union of both screen (film) actors and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. The WGA (Writers Guild of America) is the union of American screenwriters. The AMPTP is the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, and is essentially a group representing hundreds of large film production companies nationwide.


Why are SAG-AFTRA and the WGA striking?

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Members of SAG-AFTRA are striking against the AMPTP, and are seeking a contract regarding the use of AI, as well as higher pay, including higher residual pay on streamed content.

Prior to the strike, studios proposed the right to use and save an actor’s likeness and use a digital replication of the actor using artificial intelligence for eternity, essentially. This is a complex issue, as it is undetermined how an actor would be fairly compensated for their use. 

Most actors in Hollywood struggle to make a living wage. According to this article from CNN, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported $27.73 per hour as the average pay for actors in California in 2022, however it is noted that actors aren’t paid full-time year-round due to the nature of the job. Calculations around the money actors make from streamed films and movies has also significantly lessened over time. 


What does the strike mean?

According to the terms of the SAG strike, members are not able to participate in any promotion of productions made under studios against SAG-AFTRA’s terms. This means actors are not allowed to be present for film/television premieres, interviews, film-related conventions, festivals, and award ceremonies. In this article from DLA Piper, it is noted how members of SAG-AFTRA are not allowed to do any off camera or on camera work, including but not limited to:

  • acting, singing, dancing, performing stunts, piloting on-camera aircraft, puppeteering, performance capture or motion capture work
  • ADR/looping, TV trailers (promos) and theatrical trailers, voice acting, singing, stunt coordinating and related services, narration, including audio descriptive services except as the services may be covered by another collective bargaining agreement
  • Background work
  • Stand-in work
  • Photo and/or body doubles
  • Fittings, wardrobe tests, and makeup tests
  • Rehearsals and camera tests
  • Interviews and auditions (including self-tape auditions)
  • Promotion of/publicity services for work under the TV/Theatrical Contracts, such as:
    • tours, personal appearances, interviews, conventions, fan expos, festivals, for your consideration events, panels, premieres/screenings, award shows, junkets, podcast appearances, social media, studio showcases
  • Negotiating and/or entering into and/or consenting to:
    • an agreement to perform services in the future, any new agreement related to merchandising connected to a covered project, the creation and use of digital replicas, including through the reuse of prior work


News on the WGA strike:

As of September 27, 2023, the writers strike has ended, and the WGA has finalized their labor contract with the AMPTP. Members of the WGA have been on strike for 148 days, making this the second longest stoppage of work in WGA history. SAG-AFTRA remains on strike at this point.

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