Gunman Found Dead In UT Campus Library

By Ben Fischer

Early this morning (9/28), UT Campus police were informed of an armed suspect found dead on the 6th floor of the Perry Castaneda Library, due to a self-inflicted gun wound by an AK-47. The unidentified male was one of two suspects said to have entered the Campus at about 7:30 this morning.

   Several agencies, including UT Campus Police, APD, Travis County and APD SWAT were called in to enforce structure on the scene and tactically search each room on campus. No shots were fired by any officials. At 8:00am, the campus was put on lock-down, and by 10:00 the campus was closed, and classes were canceled for the day.

   Although no third party civilians were injured during the incident, it is still a scary matter to hear of a gunman on campus, especially after the incidents such as Columbine and more recently Virginia Tech and Alabama. Due to the “extremely professional response of APD” described by Lee Leffingwell, Mayor of Austin, officials were able to conduct a quick and thorough search, making sure civilians were okay.  

   For an updated report on the incident, you can visit . Students and Staff of LHS Roars’ prayers go out for students, faculty, and families of UT.