HOSA blood drive

Come drain your vein for a good cause

by Ainsley Shaw, Reporter

Today, HOSA is partnering with We Are Blood to host a school-wide blood drive on campus in Lecture Hall C. Any student can donate as long as they pass the requirements.

“This drive known as the Vein Drain is an annual event that HOSA hosts every October,” HOSA advisor Amber Hall said. “We also host one every March. This is a way for HOSA to provide a service that benefits our community.”

We Are Blood recently released a statement to the public which said that Central Texas is in dire need of Type O and Type O Negative donors. The blood bank is going through a period of shortage and they require steady donations to avoid supply shortfall.

“I’m donating blood so I can give back to people that are in accidents and in emergency need of my type of blood and [to] hopefully save a life,” senior HOSA member Marianna Villereal said. “I haven’t [donated before] because of my age. I’m a bit nervous because I hate needles but I know I’m doing it for a good cause so I’m excited.” 

Appointments are available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sign up here to reserve a spot, and donors must be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 115 lbs, pass a survey, iron test and blood pressure test. To ensure safety, one should eat a full meal prior to donating. For inquiries specific to eligibility click here. Visit We Are Blood’s website here for inquiries and concerns on the general process of giving blood. Contact our HOSA Advisor, Amber Hall at [email protected] for any additional questions.