Lions End in a Thriller

Leander Lions beat Del Rio Rams 38-32


Photo by: Savanna Clapp

Senior Offensive Lineman Noah Rodriguez (left) and Senior Running Back Tanner Christensen (right)

by Caleb Nyberg, Reporter

Lions catch a hot streak, beating the Del Rio Rams at their place 38-32 in triple Overtime, now putting the Lions at 3-0 for the season.

“Playing 6 hours from home was definitely an adventure,” Senior Offensive Lineman Noah Rodriguez said. “Del Rio definitely had home field advantage, but we didn’t let that bother us, all we did was come into the game with a plan and ready to execute.”

First half of the game was good for the Lions, holding the Rams to 7 points at the half, as well as putting 13 points on the scoreboard before the end of half. Junior Running Back Joseph Marro had the first Lion score of the game with a 3-yard rushing touchdown. In the second quarter, Senior Tight End Peyton Gordon scored a 7-yard passing touchdown before the end of the half.

“The Del Rio defense seemed to understand the plays we were running so the offense was a little difficult,” Rodriguez said, “their defense made us work a little bit, but we started to move the ball down the field and eventually score.”

To start the second half, Lions got the ball to start and immediately went down the field and ended the drive with a 1-yard touchdown pass to senior Wide Receiver Max Crites. The Lions were staying strong until the Rams scored 22 points in the fourth quarter. Lions were able to slowly cut the deficit down, with a 10-yard rushing touchdown by Junior running back Damien Stout by the end of the fourth the score was tied 29-29. Lions were able to hold the Rams to a field goal during the triple overtime whereas the Lions were able to score 9 points to come home with a win.

“Me and the team were a little shaken up and nervous,” Senior Running Back Tanner Christensen said. “During the overtime we were excited but nervous, me and the team had to think about winning and keep our heads high.”

The next game for the Lions will be away against the College Station Cougars on Friday Sept. 23 at 7 P.M.