PRIDE time changes for a third year

Students and staff express mixed opinions on new schedule


Amanda Nguyen

Faculty expect the new pride time schedule to stay next year if things go well this year.

by Amanda Nguyen, Staff Writer

PRIDE time undergoes changes again this year for students. While last year PRIDE Time was situated in between second and third period, this year it will be following the end of first period. Students will still be assigned to go to a certain classroom each day.

This year, students are allowed to move around freely through other classes by signing up through the portal. Fridays are still open to students to go to whatever class they choose.

“PRIDE time was decided by the teachers who’ve had a split lunch,” assistant principal Melanie Meyer said. “They expressed over time that they don’t like to have their classes divided up because it’s hard when giving out exams or assignments.”

Rotations will start regularly the third week of school. The setup of the rotations are believed by teachers to be a lot easier to remember in terms of knowing what day of the week it is in terms of A and B days.

The teachers felt that the only way to make a change without interfering with attendance is to move PRIDE time to not back up to a lunch at all

— Melanie Meyer

There are a lot of mixed opinions from students about the new PRIDE time schedule.

“I think that it’s going to be an adjustment for students,” senior Nate Martinez said. “They won’t have as much time to think about what they need to do for that day in terms of planning.”

Many believe that giving students the ability to choose their classes makes it easier for them to complete their class assignments.

“I personally like the new schedule,” junior Lennox Yocham said. “I think it makes the day go by faster and it ables me to make sure all my work is done for my next three classes.”