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The March for Music

by Logan Griffin

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Leander band is gearing up for marching season 

The Leander Band has recently participated in the Festival of Bands on September 25th, practicing consistently during their marching season the Band also participated in the Bands of America competition placing Second in preliminaries and Fourth in finals. Practice genuinely consists of a band period several times a week and many practices outside of school and consistent performance at the Leander Football games.

Marching season continues with an upcoming Bands of America Conroe Performance on Saturday October 7th and and the UIL Regional Marching Festival October 21st. Along with the development of the Band’s repertoire for marching season, there is excitement among many musicians for this season and a large amount of time and effort being put forward by the band and it’s directors.

“We spend a lot of hours in the sun,” sophomore Jackson Mistretta said. “Even though it is painful at times I am still so excited.”

Another thing Band members are very proud of is the visual component of their show. Which members are ebullient to see in its full potential.

“I’m probably most excited for the last competition because we will have a full show with visuals,” sophomore Jeremy Payte said. “It brings a lot of aspects to the show.”


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About the Writer
Logan Griffin, Staff Writer

My name is Logan, and I love writing. I am the newspaper’s resident music nerd when I am not busy covering JV Football and ambiguous political issues. I hope to have a great time writing for the paper.

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