Cafeteria carts in food for kids

Food service introduces new option


Danielle Bell

The breakfast cart outside of the library in the morning. Kids can buy snacks and other foods at the cart.

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

The Breakfast cart is a mobile station with popular food items that are served down in the cafeteria. It brings food to students and offers the same free or reduced prices that are provided in the cafeteria. The cart is parked beside the library for easy access. One of the popular items sold is the new strawberry banana smoothies.

“Everything that is served down here [in the cafeteria] is available on the cart,” Manager Tommy Bates said. “What we are trying to do is make it more available to the students and to encourage participation. It is the same cost as what the items are priced down here.”

The reason they were able to do this was because they had received a grant which provided the monetary means. Principal Tiffany Spicer hopes for very positive outcomes from this new addition to the school.

“We hope that this will provide more opportunities for the students to get breakfast in the morning,” Spicer said. “I am very excited for the school to have this opportunity and the means to do so.”

Even students who haven’t been to the breakfast cart express how they would like to try it. Bates said that the location of the cart was chosen to make it more visible to students and put breakfast on their minds. Breakfast, to sophomore Ariel O’ Gwin, is very vital to her ability learning. 

I am happy to have a breakfast cart now because it makes easier for me to go and eat.”

— Ariel O’Gwin

“I know that the breakfast cart serves muffins and that’s good because they fill me up enough for first period,” O’Gwin said. “I eat breakfast at the school because one time I had a headache from not eating breakfast. I don’t want to get another one so I eat at the school. I am happy to have a breakfast cart now because it makes easier for me to go and eat.”