DECA unleashes The Pride

Planning has begun for new school store to open next year


Austin Graham

A poster advertising the school store

by Austin Graham, Staff Writer

In an effort to help raise money for DECA to compete in state competitions, the club members have come up with an idea for a school store that will be called “The Pride.” Mrs. Michele Groomes, head of the Career and Technology Department, is helping DECA and advanced business students with the store.

“We hope to open the school store to sell spirit wear, limited foods and a few other items,” Groomes said. “It will be student-run by DECA and my advanced business classes. We took a survey last week of what students would want to be sold and are basing products off of it.”

The store has made plans to sell almost everything that a high school student needs. There will be products ranging from coffee and tea to iPhone/laptop charger cords and batteries. For those days headphones are left at home, they will have those too.

“For kids that don’t have opportunities in order to go to the store and aren’t benefited at home, they are going to be able to buy hygiene products,” junior Kelli Niemeyer said. “It’s also going to be a great way to build school spirit and raise money for DECA.”

With guided help from Ms. Groomes, students Frances Venditte, Jennifer Munson and Aslynn Wand will be just a few of the students in charge of the store. 

“The plans are still kind’ve getting worked out,” sophomore Frances Venditte said. “We’re just going to have a lot of different merchandise to be sold. We are going to be open before school, after school, pride time and maybe lunch periods.”

DECA and Ms. Groomes will continue to be working on ideas for the store. The store is scheduled to be open next year and will be accessible to all students and staff members in the school.