Dr. Spicer’s new blog

A tool for students and parents to stay connected.


Dr. Spicer going through her blog at the previous web posts. She has a new blog post she hopes will be published this week.

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

New to school this year is Dr. Spicer’s new blog. The blog consists of messages from Dr. Spicer to the reader about announcements concerning the school.

“Sometimes our parents and students don’t exactly read the insider,” Dr. Spicer said. “Or they’re like ‘It’s too hard to get to if I have to go into email to open it up’. I was trying to do something to add to that so they don’t have to go search the whole world. They just type in the link and they can see it.”

Students can access the blog for now at home through Dr. Spicer’s teacher website. It is also a link on her Twitter. Accessing the blog currently through a school computer is not available due to it being blocked for prohibited forum content. Dr. Spicer is working with the webmaster though to have it up and running for students use.

“I’m trying for [updates] once a week but it may be every two weeks just because we have so much going on in a high school,” Dr. Spicer said.  “A lot of our parents are used to at the elementary level having a Thursday folder and they get something in that every week.”

I will follow through with our webmaster to make sure it is accessible and our parents and our students can get to [the blog].

— Spicer

Spicer hopes the students who don’t have Twitter will be able to use the blog as a tool for getting the information they need. Currently articles on the blog have had to do with school pictures, senior photos, lion camp, and the homecoming parade.

“I see the importance of having a school blog,” freshman Emma Poisel said. “Twitter is one of those social media sites that doesn’t have great security protection so a lot of parents don’t let their kids have one. So to have a blog that they can access makes sense to me.”