Exam Schedule and Exemptions – Get the Info Here!

by Staff

It’s that time of year – semester exam time! That means trying to cram everything into the last week of classes, exam reviews, turning in late work, finishing senior projects, and copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks to make it through all the work yet to be done.

The exemption list is currently posted outside the attendance office – check for your fines and absences on these sheets and take care of all fines before Wednesday, December 12 at 4 p.m. See Mr. Robbins or Ms. Hicks if you have a parking fee to pay.

Exam Schedule – Fall 2012

Tuesday, December 18: Attend 1st & 2nd periods; Exams 3rd & 4th periods

Wednesday, December 19: Attend 5th & 6th periods; Exams 7th & 8th periods

Thursday, December 20: Exams 1st & 2nd periods; Attend 3rd & 4th periods

Friday, December 21 (Early Release Day – no lunch served): 5th & 6th period exams

Some reminders about exemption rules:

Students MUST sign off on their teacher’s exemption roster for all finals they plan to exempt. If you don’t sign, you are not exempt! Teachers are not permitted to collect student exemption signatures prior to the day and time of each final exam.


  • Non EOC/TAKS classes may be exempt in either the fall or the spring semester, but not both.
  • Students may choose to exempt TAKS/AP/IB courses in the fall in anticipation that they may also exempt the course in the spring if thestudent passes the TAKS test or sits for the AP/IB test for the course.
  • Freshmen and Sophomores MUST take the final exam for any/all core classes in which they will be taking an EOC for during the spring semester. Teachers of EOC classes will still receive roster reports in their boxes for the purpose of students that may be in their classes and are eligible for exemptions. For example, a second year sophomore could be repeating a core course and be eligible for an exemption.
  • Exemption rosters will only include the names of students that meet the attendance/grade eligibility ratio requirements: 90+ average with 3 absences, 80-89 average with 2 absences, or 70-79 average with 1 absence; 3 tardies equal one absence.
  • If a student is passing a class and meets the attendance eligibility criteria, their name may be missing from the exemption list due to other holds or fines.
  • Exemption calculations are based ONLY on a student’s 1st and 2nd six-week average. However, if a student that is eligible for an exemption fails a class for the 3rd six weeks with an average that will cause the student to fail the class for the semester, then the student MUST take the final exam.
  • Even if a student’s 3rd six weeks average brings their overall semester grade to passing, they are still not allowed to exempt.
  • Students are expected to attend classes.
  • If a student that should take a final exam does not show up, he/she will receive a grade of a “1” in the gradebook. If this occurs and there are extenuating circumstances involved, please contact your school counselor.
  • Each day of finals will be like a regular day of attendance. If a student needs to leave during the school day, they need to give their note to an attendance clerk that morning and the attendance clerk will give them a ‘Permit to Leave.’
  • Teachers will not be issuing hall passes during final exams for students to go to another teacher’s room, the library, etc. Students are expected to stay in the class that they are currently assigned to for that period. 

So plan to be prepared and be present. Good luck on exams!