Norato wins title of Mane Man

Annual event brings a night of fun, donations

Caroline Cravens & Jack Densmore


Danielle Bell

Alex Norato wins Mane Man

by Caroline Cravens, Assistant Editor

Mane Man drew in quite a bit of money this year, with the highest bid on a student being $800. Senior Alejandro Norato, won the title of Mane Man, as well as the Daddy Warbucks award for winning the highest bid.

The competition was run by the cheerleaders and Project Grad this year, and had a more serious note than previous years. A casual wear dance number opened up the show, followed by interviews, bidding, special guests and other dance numbers by the Mane Man candidates.

Norato says his win was unexpected, and hasn’t figured out what he’s doing with the two prom tickets yet. However, he does know that he wants to send the lady that bid $800 on him his winning crown and cape as a thank you.

“You know honestly, I came in here expecting the worst,” Norato said. “I didn’t even think I was going to place at all, but I won. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Another highlight of the night was the auction of the Cedar Park Center Suite for graduation. The suite fits 22 people and eventually sold for $900.

Here are some other awards won:

1st Runner Up – Griffin Mavis

2nd Runner Up – DJ Moore

Mr. Congeniality – Kade Ferguson

Best Smile – Andrew Alaniz

Best Dressed Casual Wear – David Abdala

Best Dressed Formal Wear – Mason Hart

Best Dancer – Luis Torres

Biggest Flirt – Johnathan Permenter

Zane Hudson – Best Showmanship

Fan Favorite – Hunter Behrman

Daddy Warbucks – Alejandro Norato