Project Grad set for Austin’s Park n’ Pizza

Organization accepting donations


Summer Skyes 11 via Flickr CC

Austin’s Park n’ Pizza has several different types of activities available. These activities include laser tag and mini golf.

by Jack Densmore, Editor-in-Chief

Project Grad, the school organization that sets up the senior party after the graduation ceremony, has announced where this year’s party will be. Austin’s Park n’ Pizza.

“In looking at our graduation, we wanted to make sure we could, one have the best Project Grad ever and two, we were concerned with transition time between the end of PG and the beginning of school on Friday,” principal Tiffany Spicer said. “So, our PG parents went to work and found several venues, and Austin’s Park n’ Pizza was the ideal location. Last year was my first PG in 11 years on site. There is a PG meeting tonight at 6:30.”

A letter was sent out to parents stating that the party will be at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza. Students will receive a $10 game card for arcade and mini games. Everything from Go-Karts and Mini golf to lazer tag and bumper boats will be there. 

I’m excited about spending time with people who I care about the most.

— Noah Jakobovits

“I am super excited because we have an offsite venue and we are bringing many of the events we have had here at LHS to Austin’s Park N’ Pizza,” Spicer said. “I think it is truly going to be an exciting night. I am looking forward to hanging with the class of 2016.”

Including all of the games and activities, there will be an unlimited buffet of pizza, pasta, salad and desserts for the first two hours of the event. However, a date for the event was not stated in the letter. Those wishing to help out with project grad can go to their GoFundMe.

“I’m excited about spending time with people who I care about the most,” senior Noah Jakobovits said. “Making the most of my time with the class of people I’ve grown up with and getting to spend one night with my ‘family or class’ one last time.”

The next Project Grad meeting will be tonight at 6:30 p.m. in Lecture Hall A.