Putting in the work

Lions compete to win sports equipment


Kyle Gehman

The 6th period PE class competing in the challenge. They had four different exercises to perform.

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

The Lions athletic and PE programs competed last week to win equipment used by NFL team, the Carolina Panthers. The equipment and workout was donated and run by SpeedTracs but was sponsored by the National Guard.

The students were competing in a series of workouts that were timed and uploaded to the app. The scores were are then compared to 14 other schools who are also competing to see who would win the free equipment. However, the main purpose of the SWAG (Something We Athletes Got) challenge is to help promote athleticism to all kids.

“The purpose is to bring an alternative workout method for the school and to be active first and foremost,” SWAG Coach Joseph Piranio said.

The National Guard also had a booth set up to advocate their program.

We want to be able to build relationships with the students.

— Gabriel Martinez

“We’re out here mainly for recruiting but getting to interact with the students shows that we’re human and they feel more comfortable with us,” SSG Gabriel Martinez said. “We want to be able to build relationships with the students.”