Semester Exam Schedule


Siandhara Bonnet

Students collect their homework in order to study for exams

by Claire Kyllonen, Assistant Editor

1st Semester Exam Schedule 2014:

Monday, December 15th: no exams

Tuesday, December 16th: periods 3 and 4

Wednesday, December 17th: periods 7 and 8

Thursday, December 18th: periods 1 and 2 (go to 3rd and 4th period classes)

Friday, December 19th: periods 5 and 6 (dismiss at 11:56 a.m.)

Semester Exam Myths Revealed:

1. All students are required to take their fall semester exams. (There are NO exemptions-that means seniors, too.)

2. Early finals will not be given to any student without administrative approval.

3. If a student wishes to miss 3rd and 4th periods on December 18 since they have already taken these exams, they WILL be marked ABSENT, and those absences will be counted toward Spring Exemptions.

4. ON FRIDAY-BUSES WILL NOT RUN UNTIL THE END OF THE DAY AT 3:45PM. If students need to stay to take the afternoon bus home, they will be provided a snack lunch through the cafeteria.

5. Pride Time will on Monday, December 15 ONLY.

6. There will be no PT on Tuesday-Friday to allow extra exam time for the rest of the week.