Top 10 in senior class, scholarships announced at annual awards ceremony


Danielle Bell

The Top 10 seniors who were ranked on their GPAs.

by Jack Densmore, Editor-in-Chief

Top 10 Seniors

10. McKelle Winsor – 5.4193 GPA

9. Lindsay Spitz – 5.42295 GPA

8. Lilian Pham – 5.4428 GPA

7. Morgan Sherry – 5.4661 GPA

6. Hailey Mackay – 5.47759 GPA

5. Anthony Leeber – 5.4933 GPA

4. Joseph Rexrode – 5.5127 GPA

3. Claire Crone – 5.5333 GPA

2. Salutatorian – Thomas Bennett – 5.53833 GPA

1. Valedictorian – Albert “Trey” Roberts, III – 5.6661 GPA



Olivia Baker – Live Like Ryan
Madison Flesner -Live Like Ryan
Hannah Leboeuf -Live Like Ryan
Hali Morrow Live -Like Ryan

Justin Campbell – Accent
Scott Davis – Accent
Kylie Douglas – Accent
Ana Sandoval –Accent

Nyeomi Howard -Stanberry & Asso
Nyeomi Howard -Logo Vista & Jonestown Chamber of Commerce
Gabrielle Aguilar – UIL – Band

Areni Alaverdi – Art

Matthew Archibald – History, UIL – Tennis, National Merit Commended Student

Nathan Archibald – UIL – Tennis, National Merit Commended Student

Devina Atmadja – Photojournalism

Adhithya Balaji – UIL – Tennis

Tristen Banuelos – Band

Thomas Bennett – IB Physics, UIL – Band

Kristofer Blanscet – UIL – Band

Aimee Bozoudes – French

Rayanna Carter – Girls sports

Autumn Corbin – Yearbook

Claire Crone – AP English IV, United States Marine Corps Athletic Excellence Award, UIL – Cross Country, UIL – Track, AP Scholar

Jack Densmore – Newspaper

Natalie Ditsler – Choir

Sydney Donelson – Student Athletic Trainer – Girl

Kelli Dyer – Blue Belles

Lynley Eilers – Best Actress

Conner Evans – UIL – Tennis

Alexandria Ford – Cheerleading

Laney Gaile – Color Guard

Nicole Johnston – Sapphire, Perfect Attendance – All 4 years of High School

Allyssa Jones – Advanced Placement

Malik Jones – Economics, United States Marine Corps Athletic Excellence Award

Sarah Kumi – UIL – Cross Country, UIL – Track

Anthony Leeber – IB Spanish, UIL – Band

Mathilde Le Tacon – UIL – Theater Arts

Justin Lemons – IB Creativity, Action & Service, UIL – Football

Ethan Lopresto – English IV

Bobbette Luton – Health Science Technology

Hailey MacKay – International Baccalaureate, UIL – Softball

Ann Maynard – Air Force JROTC

Miguel Mendoza – Electrical Trades, United States Marine Corps Athletic Excellence Award, AP Scholar

Rachel Moore – UIL – Band

Jennifer Munson – DECA – Marketing, Perfect Attendance – All 4 years of High School

Kimberly Nelson – UIL – Basketball

Kevin Nguyen – Choir

Julia Nichol – Ag Science

Kelli Niemeyer – UIL – HST

Sofia Parra – English as a Second Language

Amanda Patek – UIL – Volleyball, UIL – Track

Zach Patton – Student Athletic Trainer – Boy

Lilian Pham – IB/AP Biology, UIL- Band, AP Scholar with Honor, National Merit Commended Student

Taylor Pirtle – UIL – Band, AP Scholar

Katie Pitchford – Early College Start/Dual Credit, UIL – HST

Luke Poche – UIL – Band

Kaily Pollchick – Technical Theater

Jacob Potter – UIL – Baseball

Joseph Rexrode – IB/AP Chemistry, UIL – Tennis, AP Scholar

Albert “Trey” Roberts, III – IB/AP Math, UIL – Baseball, AP Scholar

Alexis Satterfield – Psychology, UIL – Band

Rafael Schoellmann – Government, AP Scholar

Morgan Sherry – Student Council, UIL- Swimming

Alex Shi – UIL – Band, AP Scholar with Honor

Pedro Silva – Boys Sports

Gage Spencer – Debate

Lindsay Spitz – Latin, UIL – Cross Country, UIL – Track

Celsey Stephens – Ready, Set, Teach!

Sierra Stevenson – United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award, UIL – Volleyball

Marcos Trejo – AP Spanish

Alexa Urrea – IB English IV, UIL – Choir

Aslynn Wand – Business Education

Alana Winklepleck – UIL – Band

McKelle Winsor – UIL – HST, UIL – Cross Country, AP Scholar

Brendan Winters – UIL – Band, National Merit Commended Student

Logan Wirth – Computer Science
Top 10 %

Gabrielle Aguilar
Matthew Archibald
Nathan Archibald
Adhithya Balaji
Thomas Bennett
Kristofer Blancet
Claire Crone
Kelli Dyer
Conner Evans
Hailey Evans
Mason Kerlick
Marianna Korioth
Sarah Kumi
Mathilda Le Tacon
Anthony Leeber
Justin Lemons
Hailey MacKay
Gabrielle Melton
Miguel Mendoza
Rachel Moore
Kimberly Nelson
Kelli Niemeyer
Amanda Patek
Lillian Pham
Taylor Pirtle
Carolyn Plein
Luke Poche
Jacob Potter
Hannah Renault
Joseph Rexrode
Albert “Trey” Roberts, III
Alexis Satterfield
Alex Shi
Lindsay Spitz
Sierra Stevenson
Alexa Urrea
Alana Winklepleck
McKelle Winsor
Brendan Winters
Amanda Young
AP Scholars

Gabrielle Aguilar
Thomas Anderson
Christian Carroll
Claire Crone
Emilee Earthman
Brandon Fox
Emily Harp
John McCoy
Miguel Mendoza
Taylor Pirtle
Carolyn Plein
Luke Poche
Michael Proctor
Joseph Rexrode
Dylan Roberts
Albert “Trey” Roberts, III
Rafeal Schoellmann
Danielle Snow
Nathalia Uresti
McKelle Winsor
AP Scholars with Honors
James Karnes
Lilian Pham
Alex Shi

AP Scholar with Distinction
Justin Mehta
National Merit Commended
Matthew Archibald
Nathan Archibald
Christian Carroll
Brandon Fox
Zachary Markham
Lilian Pham
Carolyn Plein
Brendan Winters
Lionheart Award Most Outstanding Senior Girl – Amanda Patek

Lionheart Award Most Outstanding Senior Boy – Isaiah Turner