Students, teachers accept LEEF STAR award


Courtesy of Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia

27 students are nominated for this award, and those students nominate one teacher each.

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

Five seniors and teachers will accept the Student Teacher Academic Recognition Award at the Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation Banquet Thursday at the Austin Baptist Church.

The award is given to students who are nominated by the departments of their school. Following the dinner, each of our students and teachers will be recognized and presented with a token of the Foundation’s appreciation.

“It’s really encouraging simply because only five seniors in our school get this award every year,” senior Alisa Greene said. “That means that what I’m doing as a student at Leander High School stands out among the rest. Honestly, this means more than graduation in the top 10; it wasn’t just school work, it was also my role in the school.”

The five students include Jacob Ostrander, Sydney Platt, Nico Champion, Alisa Greene, and Siandhara Bonnet. Each student nominated a teacher who had been most influential in their academic career to receive an award. The teachers, respectively, are Chris Tarbet, Shawna Queen, Linda Major, Jonathan Lamb, and Danielle Bell.

Only five students are selected from each graduating class along with two students from New Hope High School to receive this award each year. This is the fifth annual banquet.