Mr. Mansfield’s “Favorite Class” Honored at Senior Awards

A look at the Achievements of this year’s Graduating Class


Danielle Bell

The Class of 2014’s top ten students stand in order from right to left.

In what he described as his “second favorite event” next to graduation, Mr. Mansfield helped the senior class celebrate their achievements at the annual Senior Awards ceremony. On Monday, May 19th, 83 seniors attended the special ceremony to celebrate their achievements over the past year.

Students received special awards including those celebrating or honoring achievements in academics, extracurricular and elective programs, perfect attendance, UIL and scholarship awards. The Top 10 students were also announced.

The Top 10 graduates, in descending order of their rank, are:

10.   Vanessa Winklepleck
9.      Samantha Wallace
8.      Jeffrey Stebbins
7.      Nolberto Ayala-Tellez
6.      Megan Slan
5.      Sean O’Neil
4.      Grant Shewmaker
3.      Dallas Kelle
2.      Danielle Barth, Salutatorian
1.      Priscilla Wong, Valedictorian

Along with the naming of these ten students, many other students were awarded scholarships from sources other than our school or a university.

  • The Live Like Ryan Would-Tennis Scholarship was awarded to Haley Pritchett; Dyslexia Scholarship was given to Chris Leboeuf; and the one for ASL was given to Elizabeth Montalvo.
  • Luis Martinez received a scholarship from the Air Force Academy.
  • Kendrick Stevenson received a three year scholarship from the Army ROTC to attend West Point.
  • Maren Brady, Justin Russell, and Vanessa Winklepleck received an Accent Vending scholarship.
  • Andrea Delgado was awarded the Stanberry and Associates scholarship.
  • Justin “Shooter” Russell also received a scholarship from Daughters of American Revolution and the Lago Vista Chamber of Commerce.
  • Reece Richey received a scholarship from Winston Faubion for baseball.
  • Kevin Myers was awarded a scholarship from the Women’s Chaparral Club.
  • Grant Shewmaker and Megan Slan were presented with the National Scholar Athlete Award on behalf the US Army.

Many of our seniors are AP Scholars.

Andrea Delgado Carpena, Mollie Elam, Lauren Fussell, Dallas Kelle, NIcole McDaniel, Jordan Obe, Drew Poche, Dulce Sanchez, Carson Sharp, Grant Shewmaker, Megan Slan, Emily Steele, Kelly Terrell, James Thompson, Jesus Zendejas.

The AP Scholars with Honors are Hunter Gage, Sean O’Neil and Priscilla Wong. The AP Scholar with Distinction is Danielle Barth.

Kathryn Allison, Alan Champion, Laura Friedrick and Sean O’Neil will graduate as National Merit Scholars. In addition, a few members of the senior class received National Hispanic Merit Scholar recognition, including Sandra Lopez, Taryn Olivas and Gino Santolamazza. Also,  Jacob James earned the National Achievement Scholar.

Other award recipients of note included Lyndsey Gonzalez, who completed over more ACC credits than any other senior this year and Martin Nwakamma and Kiahna Thompson were named as Outstanding Boy and Outstanding Girl.