Thanksgiving Lunch is Approaching

Turkey and other thanksgiving foods available for lunch on November 20th!


by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving Lunch continues yearly at Leander when it returns on November 20th for 2014. PALS continues to help out with the annual Thanksgiving lunches across many schools including Leander. Popular thanksgiving foods will be available. Turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and many more.

“[My] favorite part about Thanksgiving is not having to go to school for a week so that’s a little bit of a break, and then just stuffing my face as much as I can and being with my family and laughing,” said senior Briana Soriano.

PALS has already started to help serve at elementary schools and other schools as Leander’s Thanksgiving lunch approaches.

“We are starting to do Thanksgiving lunches at the elementary schools,” said Soriano,  “the other day I went to Giddens, and we served from like 10 o’ clock to 1 o’ clock to all the lunches and we’re doing that every school we possibly can and then we have Thanksgiving lunch here at LHS too”.

Setting up is one thing but serving to children and their families is another.

“I don’t really like set up as much I mean we get to wear hair nets and I like wearing that because I feel like i’m playing dress up,” said Soriano, “but my favorite part about Thanksgiving lunches is just serving everyone and everyone is with their families, and it’s just a happy experience  for everyone”.

Many students are glad to have a different meal that’s different from the regular meals in the cafeteria.

“Well, for one, turkey with gravy is delicious and being able to sit down with friends and have a different meal rather than the regular old cheeseburger is quite nice,” said senior Joci Guerra.

Turkey as well as ham will be served with or without gravy and same goes with dressing. Many students enjoy Thanksgiving lunch as it is different from the usual servings at the cafeteria. Desserts are often a student favorite.

“I’m not a turkey lover I feel like it doesn’t have enough flavor,” said Soriano “but I really like ham and pecan pie, but I’m allergic to pecans but I still get it anyway”.