Trick or tumble

Cheer hosts annual Haunted Hallway


Rebekah Hui

Haunted Hallway is one of the main attractions at Trunk or Treat every year. Each year, more and more people come to experience the frightening new hallway cheer comes up with.

by Amanda Nguyen, Staff Writer

The cheer team held their sixth annual fundraiser ‘Haunted Hallway’ at Trunk or Treat on Monday, October 30. The ‘Haunted Hallway’ is a $10 haunted walk through for kids and parents of all ages to enjoy together.

My favorite part about Haunted Hallway is getting to see it all come together. I love getting my makeup done and getting to dress up.

— Aziah Dean

Every year, the cheer team picks a different theme for Haunted Hallway. This year’s themes were zombies, creepy crawlers, dolls and jokers. The proceeds the team gets goes toward the cheer program.

“We work really hard to get it all set up,” junior Emily Toot said. “We appreciate the volunteers that come and help us.”