Welcome Back Lions!

Here’s what you need to know for Week 1

by Staff

Hey Lions,

By now, you’ve probably logged into txConnect to see your schedule and you’ve seen posts on twitter and Instagram about the room number changes and something called PRIDE time. You either did your summer assignments or you are doing them right now (and taking a social media break). Some of you have been at school for a couple of weeks already for band or football or dance or to help your teachers move 1,500 boxes into their classrooms.

And like it or not, tomorrow morning is the first day of school. So here’s what you need to know for Week 1.

What’s New?

1. We have a BRAND NEW science building. All science classes are held in the new building. That’s also where you’ll find the front office, principal’s office and the attendance office.

2. We have a beautiful courtyard with outdoor learning areas, covered seating to have lunch or hang out with friends.

3. The entire building is renumbered. It’s really simple after you see the map (which you will receive) and it’s so much easier than telling people there are no 600’s or explaining odd/even hallways.

4. We have a new principal and over 25 new teachers and staff members. If you see someone new, say hello!

5. Many rooms in the main building were renovated this summer. The cafeteria was expanded and has more seating. The science labs became classrooms and several mechanical things were upgraded or fixed.

6. We have a new bell schedule to include daily PRIDE Time (formerly known as Advisory) – see below for more details.

bell schedule

What’s the Same?

7. The AP office, nurse’s office, library and counselor’s offices are in the same place they were last year.

8. You have to sign up at the table outside the counselor’s office if you want a schedule change.

9. First-day packet forms are on txConnect for your parents to access and fill out. Instructions are in your first day packets.

10. You’ll take ID pictures next week. Everyone – including seniors – takes ID pictures. Photo order forms are in first day packets.

What is PRIDE time?

PRIDE Time is the new term for “advisory” and it will be held every day. You should have received an email from LHS Insider with all the details, but here’s a brief summary.

For the first time, we will hold the Advisory period – which will now be called PRIDE – for 35 minutes every day of the week.  The only exception this daily time will be early release days and days when we have pep rallies.

Students will be assigned a home PRIDE and have the opportunity to make academic choices for tutorials or make-up work via a computer-based portal that is available as an app on your smartphone. Other high schools in the district use this method for their “advisory” times. This eliminates written passes and last minute changes, and gives students the chance to complete their work during the school day rather than coming early or staying after school.

We aren’t wasting any time getting started – PRIDE time will begin on the first day of school.

Where Do I Go?
When you get to school, you can find your ID number and the room number of your first period class in 8 different locations throughout the buildings. The new building main hallway, across from the old attendance office and in the PAC are a few of those places.
There will be teachers and administrators all over the building with maps to help you find your way.
Here’s a cheat sheet for you to find your classes:

1000s→new science bldg (downstairs)

1100s→old 700s

1200s→old 300s

1300s→old 100s


1500s→athletics wing

1600s→fine arts

2000s→new science bldg (upstairs)

2100s→old 800s

2200s→old 400s

2300s→old 200s

5000s→outside (ag bldg, ROTC, portables)

*1000s are all downstairs / 2000s are all upstairs

First Week Events

Tuesday, August 26

Meet the Lions at Bible Stadium 6 – 8:30 pm
Varsity Volleyball vs. Round Rock 6 p.m.

Thursday, August 28

LISD Volleypalooza (Lady Lions playing times TBA)
Freshmen/JV Football teams kickoff vs. Killeen

Friday, August 29

Cross Country – Friday Night Lights @ The Woodlands
Volleyball – LISD Volleypalooza continues
Varsity Football – Game 1 vs. Killeen at Bible Stadium 7:30 pm