I-35 bridge collapses



I-35 west logo

by Austin Graham, Staff Writer

Above I35, a bridge collapsed falling onto the interstate in Salado March 26 after an 18 wheeler crashed into it. The crash knocked down two beams which fell on top of a pickup truck, killing the driver and injuring three others.

The highway was closed for about 18 hours after the crash, but is now cleaned and re-opened. TxDOT has given information about the truck that caused the crash.

“The truck driver ignored signs that we had that would have indicated that the truck was too tall,” Spokeswoman for TxDOT Veronica Beyer said, according to the Statesman.

When the truck hit the bridge it was under construction by TxDOT to build the second half of the FM 2484 overpass. The crash involved three 18-wheelers and two pickup trucks in all. Detours were created shortly after the accident for the south and northbound traffic, but both have been cancelled.

The three injured civilians have all been released from the hospital and are in good shape. The debris has been cleared up and the interstate is now back to normal.