Scalia death brings trials into question

Supreme court justice’s death effects recent trials


kittivanilli via Flickr CC

The Supreme Court is located in Washington D.C. There are nine justices but now only nine.

by Kyle Gehman, Assistant Editor

Supreme Court Justice member Antonin Scalia died in Texas while on vacation and his death now affects past trials that have been discussed as well as the one’s to come. The Supreme Court had nine members but now with Scalia’s death it is down to eight.

“With his death I think it’ll make a big impact on how the nation works,” sophomore Marcel Thio said. “I hope it doesn’t delay courts though.”

The law raises the standards abortion clinics have and it would close all but about 10 clinics in the entire state. The case was heard on March 1 but with only eight justices present the vote looks like it will stay a 4-4 tie. The outcome is expected in June 2016 but another justice isn’t expected to be appointed by then.

“I don’t think the law is right so I hope despite him dying they make the right decision,” sophomore Jordyn Farrar said.

Another Texas law being widely debated is United States vs. Texas. The concern is over the Obama administration allowing around 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay inside the country.

“I hope they allow immigrants to stay, because the immigrants coming into Texas are Mexicans,” sophomore Ruben Luna said. “Mexicans are hard workers and will do anything to support their family, even the hard work no one wants to do with low pay. It also seems hypocritical to deport them back, because all past Americans were immigrants making everyone’s ancestors immigrants. If they were to be deported then they couldn’t have even called themselves Americans today. So it’d only seem right to let them stay and to work.”