Taiwan Plane Crash



Plane taking off into the sky.

by Austin Graham, Staff Writer

Flight 235, a TransAsia airplane, crashed into the TaiPei river in Taiwan’s capitol. The right engine was the first one to fail setting off an alarm but not sending a message to the pilots telling them which engine had failed, which would usually happen. After the right engine failed the plane’s thrust was off balance causing the left engine to fail as well.

“There would be a message: ‘number two engine flameout’ to the pilot, and of course the corresponding checklist for that,” said Thomas Wang (according to CNN).

The crew managed to restart one of the engines but it was already too late to prevent the crash. The plane clipped a bridge smashing a car and plummeting into the river leaving 40 dead, three missing and only 15 survivors.

The local police and investigators are still searching for the missing plane riders and trying to clean up the wreckage.