World Press Freedom Day

World celebrates journalistic freedom day

by Kyle Gehman, Assistant Editor

Every day people put their lives in danger, not for a religion, country or family but to keep the world informed and express their freedom of the press. While many countries don’t enjoy this right, the day of May 3rd gives some the chance to celebrate the freedoms they are granted.

“All over the world, people do not have the same right Americans do,” journalism teacher Danielle Bell said. “It is my job-especially as a publications teacher- to teach students about their rights as journalists and to help them understand how to represent and report on their school and community accurately and with integrity.”

In 1993 the UN General Assembly declared May 3rd to be a world holiday to celebrate the principles of free press, recognize the defense of attacks on free press and to pay tribute to the journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty. All around the world there are threats to the freedom of the press including here in the U.S with presidential candidates verbally attacking journalists. However, in other places around the world it is common for journalists to be murdered for doing their job and saying their view on issues.

“In the U.S. and western Europe, we don’t really see a lot of imprisonment or murder of journalists as much as we do elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other threats that undermine a free press,” advocacy director at Committee to Protect Journalists Courtney Radsch told USA Today. “It’s important to take a day to remember those [journalists] who paid with their lives, who paid their bodies or are behind the bars (to inform the public).”

In a survey in 2015 it was found that only 46% of the countries in the world have freedom of the press. Last year in 2015, 72 journalists were murdered with a confirmed motive, 3 media workers were murdered and 25 journalists were killed without a confirmed motive. Here some people don’t always have to worry about these problems but around the world being a journalist can be a deadly job. But on May 3rd around the world people and journalists alike can celebrate the achievements of the freedom of the press.

“I hope that people are aware of the importance of the day and how it’s reminding people how lucky we are as Americans to have free press,” sophomore Inca Krones said.