Things You May Not Know About LHS

Five things on the school’s website that you may want to know

by Haley Hausam, Reporter

From rules in the Student Code of Conduct to Anonymous Alerts, here is a list of five things that you might not know about our school.

Hours Owed

The Texas Education Code states that “a student may not be given credit for a class unless the student is in attendance for at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered.” Because of this, when students miss four whole days of school, they owe hours. The hours owed system is a way for students to get full credit for classes even after excessive absences. After missing those four days, if a student misses one class period they owe 1.5 hours, and if they miss a whole day they owe six hours. If a student misses school for a reason such as personal illness, a funeral, death in the family or a court hearing, then the absence will be excused. However if a student misses school for reasons such as vacationing, missing their bus or a shopping trip, then the absence is unexcused. Regardless of why a student misses school they are still required to make up any hours owed. Students can see if they owe any hours by checking the front office or the 1100’s hall where they regularly update a list with all the students who owe hours. The Hours Owed can be found on the Leander High School website or at this link


Anonymous Alerts

Anonymous Alerts is a system that allows students or parents to report and submit responses anonymously for things such as bullying or suspicious activity. This is an easy way for students to let the school know about problems without having to give away their own information. The system is monitored throughout the students’ school days so any reports that are outside of regular school hours will be responded to when regular school hours resume. When reporting an incident, users are asked what their relationship is to the school that they are reporting to. They are then asked what kind of incident they’re reporting and are given 500 characters to describe the incident. The website also has a feature to attach links, files, photos and/or videos. The Anonymous Alerts website can be found near the bottom of the Leander High School website’s home page. Or at this link


Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct is a set of rules made by the district that students are required to follow. It is split up into seven sections that talk about different rules and regulations. The Code of Conduct is full of information and policies that are very interesting. For example, the prohibited items list includes radios, pacifiers, playing cards, Sharpies, spray paint and more. The Miscellaneous offenses list includes things like not using profane language in any context, bringing skateboards on the bus and gambling. Although very few of the things listed in this section are not regularly enforced, the list still exists. When students get in trouble the school provides many different discipline management techniques such as classroom restorative circles, meditation,  time-out and more. These techniques can be used by any student per request. The Student Code of Conduct is a very reliable resource for students and can be found on the Leander High School website or at this link


Health Services 

The Health Services Information is located on the district wide website here, It has tons of information about the district’s health guidelines and up-to-date COVID-19 protocol. On the main page there is information about immunization records, forms for students that may need to take medication at school and community disease and health updates. Although quarantine was almost three years ago now people are still getting COVID-19. This is why it’s important to stay updated on the current procedures. Previously, when a student were to test positive for COVID-19, they would have to stay home and quarantine for two weeks. With the updated protocol, students are only required to stay home for five days or until it has been 24 hours since the student had a fever. Not only does the Health Services have information about standard health procedures and COVID-19, but they also have resources for athletes. Under the “Athletics: Health and Safety” tab, you can find a physical form, concussion protocol and weather guidelines. The health services information can be found on the LHS Clinic website.


Peachjar Flyers

Peachjar is an organization that was made for making communication to schools and communities easier. Providing resources for over 17,000 schools, Peachjar is really helpful for staying up to date with school events. The Peachjar website is updated regularly and features posters for upcoming events. Not only is it really helpful for parents, but it’s also helping the environment. At the top of the webpage there is a “Pages saved” and “Trees saved” counter, Peachjar provides flyers online so no paper is wasted. Peachjar is also really good with staying up to date, currently the website features flyers for the upcoming prom, summer camps and fundraisers. The Peachjar website can be found near the bottom of the Leander High School webpage, or at this link