Ø  Jacob Shelly

   With this social networking, sort of micro blogging service, users are allowed to send and read other’s updates, blogs, and tweets, which are texts based posts. Updates are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users. is a website that members create an account and it can be used by the website, IM, or SMS. You can limit who sees what messages to the people on your list, or make the messages public. With 140 characters to text, Twitter has a great variety of things to text and post.

   “I have not personally used Twitter myself, but I have heard that the most appealing part of the site is the amount of characters you can use. Not to mention you can use Twitter through your phone and iPods which is really convenient,” says Sandy Calkins, Junior.

   All through out the day people all around the world are using Twitter on phones, computers, and other devices to socially communicate with others. Users can also post all sorts of applications and more.

   Not only is Twitter used for communicating between friends and family, but it has been found to be used for a sort of blog for notes through out the day, or maybe reminders of what someone needs to accomplish.

   “Twitter is really useful for the daily activities I have planned out for the day. Talking to friends and family makes this networking site a plus,” said Jae Lee, sophomore, when asked what he thought of the new social-network.

  So really, Twitter is three applications in one, users can use their cell phones, web interface, or a tumblelog (blog, with entries of 1 line). The sign-up is simple and involves your email address, password, and username. So check out and start texting and blogging to people all over the world, and near you as well.

   Not only is Twitter doing this sort of blogging and posting on a profile, other places, such as MySpace and Facebook, the difference between these two networking sites and Twitter is that, on Twitter you can not only text, but write yourself notes, and blogs throughout the day. Twitter is a network more for users who are on-the-go a lot, and want to communicate while going.