Weekly News

This week’s news recap, featuring online school, Ghislaine Maxwell, and the Olympics.

by Laksha Vijaikumar, Editor

Not to jinx anything, but things are starting to seem like a repeat of 2020. With virtual school being a possibility, and the Olympics possibly being canceled, this is not at all how I want to start 2022. 


Online School Part 2? 

Schools face an unsettling dilemma with the Omicron and Delta variants running amok. To keep school open or not to keep school open, that is the question, or whatever Hamlet said. Schools in the Midwest and in the Atlanta metropolitan area have been moving online to combat the virus. Some schools have taken an aggressive approach to minimize the spread of COVID. Many other school districts have faced severe opposition from working parents, preventing them from taking action. Working parents argue that a sudden change to remote school would be difficult. They will need to find last-minute daycare, which can be very expensive. Some students also lack proper internet access and have no means of completing homework online. Though I enjoy going to school, would I prioritize it over my own health? Heck no! No hate, but I wouldn’t risk getting brain damage over the sake of learning SOH CAH TOA. 


Ghislaine Maxwell Arrest

Ghislaine Maxwell: a name to never be uttered near any minor. I’m no runner, but I assure you if I ever saw Maxwell walking down the street, I would morph into Usain Bolt and sprint the other way. So yeah, Maxwell is a pretty bad person. If you don’t know who she is… all you really need to know is that she’s close friends with Jeffery Epstein. Like CLOSE friends. A British socialite tied up in a sex scandal with her ex-boyfriend… it’s messy, trust me. Recently, Maxwell was brought to court over her role in grooming minors alongside her Bonnie and Clyde-esque partner, Epstein. And I don’t want to jinx it, but 2022 looks promising as Maxwell was finally charged with grooming four minors for a maximum sentence of 40 years. Praise the Lord!


Update on Winter Olympics 

If you read the last news story, you’re probably aware that the U.S. diplomats are pulling a Boston Tea Party by boycotting the Winter Olympics in response to China’s horrific human rights violations. You have to be doing some bad things if even the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is like, “Yeah… the stuff you’re doing isn’t really aligning with our values. So… I think we’re going to have to sit this one out.” I mean, we’re the country that put the Japanese in INTERNMENT CAMPS during WWII. But anyway, along with the U.S. diplomats ditching the games, several athletes have tested positive for COVID, which has caused the Olympic committee much worry. Talks about postponing the games have been flying around, but nothing has been officially announced. Do I really think China will delay the 2022 Winter Olympics? Yes, is what I would’ve said if I were a naïve fool; fortunately, I’m not. There is no way China will delay the games. Not when the Olympics will take the spotlight off their human rights violations and be a source of tourist revenue. If that means putting its own citizens at risk for COVID, then so be it. We all know they are capable of much worse (refer back to the whole Muslim genocide thing currently going on). Let’s just cross our fingers and hope our athletes make us proud!