Album Review: Social Cues

Cage The Elephant delivers heartfelt emotion to their new album

by Reed Heintz, Staff Writer

After nearly 10 years of stardom Cage the Elephant’s new album, Social Cues takes on the pressure and expectations of being a celebrity. With that inspiration and their signature style of punk rock makes for what is, without a doubt the band’s best album since the release of Melophobia nearly six years ago.

The album begins with “Broken Boy” which perfectly encapsulates the rest of the album’s sound and feel with its fast-paced beats and vocals almost perfectly coming together. The next song worth mentioning is the albums titular single Social Cues, which has the best vocals of the entire album for being both amazingly upbeat yet full of sorrowful regret. The band is also able to replicate the more experimental and psychedelic feeling of their 2015 album Tell Me I’m Pretty with their collaboration with Beck on the song “Night Running”.

In the end, this album takes the foundation of Melophobia and Tell Me I’m Pretty and turns them into a look behind the curtain at a celebrities life. Final score 5/5 stars.