Album Review: You Are OK

The Maine releases new album with a twist

by Reed Heintz, Staff Writer

Last month alt-rock/pop band The Maine released their new album, You Are OK which featured many different styles from alt-pop to rebel country. Overall this variation in styles is probably the albums biggest downfall because you can never tell which style is coming up next leaving the album feeling disconnected. The songs themselves are still good by themselves but the album overall is left feeling disjointed unlike The Maine’s previous album “Lovely Little Lonely” which was able to easily flow from song to song.

One of the best songs of this albums is Broken Parts which has a similar melancholy pop-sound to their previous work rather than the drum focused alt-rock that this album tries to aim for. Another song worth mentioning is the song “Flowers On The Grave” which is able to replicate the sound of Less noise, a collection of acoustic covers of some of the band’s previous works, but the song clocks in at over nine minutes which is much longer than it needs to be.

Overall this album definitely has its good songs like “Broken Parts” that replicate their old albums the new sound they are trying to focus on falls flat on its face. In the end, this album has definitely forgotten the art of sequencing the album to make sure the album feels like a cohesive whole. With all that in mind, I would give this album 2.5/5 stars.