AP Style

Best ways to study for AP exams

by Arie Shaver, Reporter

1. Khan Academy 

For those who want more practice or teaching material for review, Khan Academy is one of the best ways to study for AP Exams. With lessons, quizzes, and tests in many subjects, Khan Academy is ready to prepare you for the AP exam questions and material. 

2. AP Classroom 

Made by the College Board themselves, AP Classroom is the perfect website for you to prepare yourself for the AP Exams. You can take practice tests and FRQs through the website to help you understand what the real test will be like and see all of your mistakes and errors in advance to learn how to correct them.

3. Review specific materials 

Every subject has key things to look out for that can help you answer most questions on the multiple choice and written questions. For social studies classes, look closely at the key concepts as well as specific dates. These will prove to be a helpful elimination tool. For math, make sure to review formulas and the acronyms that can help you solve a problem. Lastly, for English make sure to follow the checklist thoroughly to get as many points as you can.

4. Watch videos via Youtube

Many graders for the AP exams make Youtube videos online telling students what to look out for and how to ensure they score that 4 or 5 on the AP Exams. Make sure to search for these types of videos on Youtube so you can learn the tips and tricks to getting a higher score.

5. Study a little and review everyday

Lastly, the key to retaining information is not through having a good memory, but through constantly reminding yourself of the material. Make sure to review the material consistently everyday so that the lessons stick with you for the exam. You’ll find that it’s easier to remember things when you keep reflecting on them.