Beyond our known world


Organizations like NASA and SpaceX have continued to explore space and may, in the future, begin space colonization on Mars.

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

Beyond our world lies secrets, mysteries, and new realities. Beyond our world also lies answers, new places, and even ourselves.

Space travel has always been a talked about subject for everyone. To find out what is beyond Earth has been a huge question. What’s inside a black hole? Does time really slow down? What happens if we find other life? All of these questions have no answer because we have become dependent on our world. In reality, all things are possible; every possibility, opinion, and belief is correct, but also incorrect. We are all right and all wrong because in there exists a place where one person may be correct, but there also exists a place where a person may be wrong.

We will never know for sure what our universe holds because we don’t try to find out. The only thing we have is theories and opinions, but nothing we can show. We must soon realize that the only way to progress as a species is beyond our known world. We have always been explorers and pioneers, so we aren’t meant to stay in one place forever. One day we may learn this and begin our journey through infinite outcomes because that is the purpose to our lives. All of the theories we have will never be proven until we go and prove them ourselves.