Defining Moments



Butterflies are sometimes used as a symbol for freedom and life in literature.

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

A large, bustling room filled with constant noise, overwhelming smells, and people. A soon-to-be bride getting her makeup done, women trying on dresses, and men waiting for their significant others to get done while they watch the children. It’s just another day at the department store.

But it’s like another world. Everything is moving, there is no possible way for silence because someone is always doing something. There are pearls and diamonds draping off of women, the aisles are crowded, only room to move through in a single file if someone is among friends. Phones ringing constantly, the buzz of the escalators. And that’s just downstairs.

Up the escalator with beautifully hung white, fake butterflies and fake jewels looming above your head leads to a floor dedicated to women’s dresses. Formal, semi-formal, nothing below designer clothes, priced accordingly. Dressing rooms cold and empty, furniture and mirrors on opposite walls, small bottles of water to make sure customers are comfortable, but it only reflects and distorts the charming perception.

It feels as if there is no time in the day to get anything necessary done. There is so much noise and things going on that no one stops to cherish the moment. The moment of the bride getting her makeup done for her special day, the girls upstairs trying on the perfect dress for prom with her friends. Of course they are all observed and seen, but nothing is ever kept to memory.

People move through life and experience the day, but they do not take time to live, take time to cherish what they that have is so special. Friends, a day devoted to two people, a job. There is so much going on, so much to do, that life becomes a chore and is no longer enjoyed. There is only one chance in this life, one chance to do things and experience them. Why exist when you can live?