Getting back into the swing of things


Siandhara Bonnet

There are about 70 days until the last day of school

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

It’s been a full week after Spring Break and students are already falling behind. Seniors are so close to the end, and Summer is closing in, but not quite fast enough for some. Here are 10 tips to keep yourself ahead and not fall too far behind.

  1. Do your homework the day it’s assigned – Assignments are easy to keep track of and you have an additional day to get help if it’s needed
  2. Stay hydrated – It may sound crazy, but drinking water helps keep your energy up
  3. Eat meals – Along with drinking liquids, it helps you stay awake so you can finish your assignments
  4. Make a schedule – Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it. It will condition your mind and body for school
  5. SLEEP – Sleep is an incredibly important part of staying on task and getting your work done. Falling asleep in the middle of an assignment doesn’t help at all.
  6. Set goals – Goals help you stay on track. They can be monthly, weekly, or even daily
  7. Write it down – May it be a planner or on your arm, it’s been proven that if you write something down, you’ll remember it better
  8. Turn off social media – Although it’s hard to do, the buzzes and beeps are a distraction. Turn it off and you’re in the clear
  9. Listen to music – It helps keep you awake and gives this time of your life a soundtrack
  10. Take brain breaks – It’s easy to get caught up in your work and wanting to push through, but sometimes it’s necessary to take a break. Try the five minute breaks at 30 minute intervals. At the fifth one, take off for an hour – you’re earned it