Hitting the books

Five personal tips for studying


Kyle Gehman

Without using good studying habits, you can become stressed. School is a large stress for some students but it won’t be as bad if you create good habits.

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

There are a lot of ideas and myths for studying, but here are my top 5 tips for when you’re doing homework or studying.

  1. Day It’s Assigned

Since there is an A day B day schedule, a great way to stay ahead and keep up with your work is to do your homework when it gets assigned to you. It can be hard to stay motivated and do this, but it makes the homework easier and prevents stress. You learn the information better and can do the homework while it is still fresh in your brain from class that day. If you are a day ahead if you need a break from homework one night you’re already set for the day coming up.

  1. Wake Up

Use things to stay awake and keep you focused if you have to do some late night work. While coffee is a popular and easy way to stay awake, there are other ways to keep yourself from falling asleep and staying concentrated. One way is music, however this one can be tricky. If you’re listening to songs with lyrics that you’ll like, you’ll probably find yourself singing to Taylor Swift instead of doing that essay on the Spanish-American War. Gum is also an amazing way to stay awake without spending money on coffee and drinking all that caffeine.

  1. Where Ya At

Find a place that you won’t do anything else besides homework. Studies have proven that your body will respond to it’s environment and what you typically do there. If you do homework in your bed you will get significantly more tired. If you have a desk or a corner of your room that you don’t usually use for other things, whenever you get there your body and mind will know it’s time to focus and do your homework.

  1. Switch Subjects

Don’t try to study or do all your homework from one class at once. Do a part of it and then move onto another subject so that when you come back to it you will be more engaged in the work and not bored of the same concepts over and over.

  1. Due Dates

The best tip for studying and for doing projects that are far off is to set deadlines for yourself and to do a little bit of studying in between when you get the material and you take the test. If you know when your test is, look over your notes over a period of time, not just the night before the day you take it. If you have a project due a month away, the worst thing you can do is procrastinate. Set a deadline to do a portion of it each week.

While these are some helpful tips that you can use, there are plenty more that you can try to help you with your classes.