How to: Let someone know you’re thankful for them

5 Ways to show your appreciation to a loved one


Amanda Nguyen

We all have someone in our lives that we are thankful for. Start this holiday season by showing someone you love how much you care about them.

by Amanda Nguyen, Staff Writer

With Thanksgiving being around the corner, you may find yourself wondering who and what you’re thankful for. You may even be wondering how to show them you’re grateful for them. Here are some ways to show your gratitude this Thanksgiving!

Write a letter

Letters aren’t very common anymore because we spend a lot of time on social media nowadays, so taking the time to write a short or long letter will make it even more special for your loved one. Writing down your thoughts lets your friend or loved one know that you took the time to acknowledge and honor them.This will make more of a difference than a post on Twitter or Instagram.

Surprise with a gift

This is a great gesture for people who like surprises.  You don’t even have to get them a big gift or even something expensive, something small will do. Just the fact that you took the time to pick out something for them will let them know how thankful you are and that you were thinking of them.

Do them a favor

This doesn’t have to be a big favor. It can simply be something small. Get your loved one a coffee or offer to run an errand for them. Think about what their interests and needs are and then try to do something that will help them. Doing something nice for your loved one will show them how appreciative you are of the things they do for you.

Simply give them a hug

Sometimes we all need a hug as a reminder of how important we really are. By giving someone a hug, you’re reassuring them that you care about them and that you’re happy they’re in your life.

Take them out

Spending quality time with someone is a great way to show them your gratitude. Offer to pay for the movie tickets or the meal. Taking the time out of your day to talk and comfort them will make them feel valued.