“I wish I knew…”

Seniors share advice with incoming freshmen


Aimee Bozoudes

The Senior and Freshmen shirts. These shirts are available during all B Day lunches in the “Pride.”

by Aimee Bozoudes, Staff Writer

The freshman and seniors have a few things in common this year:

  • Room numbers: No one knows where anything is.
  • First days: The first-first day and the last-first day.
  • Stereotypes: Senioritis and “Ugh, Freshman.”
  • Deadlines: Though freshman meet them to do well in their first year of High School, seniors meet them to graduate and hopefully go on to college and careers.

But, as the Class of 2016 enters their last year, and they’re no longer able to tell freshman there’s a 600’s hallway or a pool on the roof, here’s a few things they wish they had known as freshman:

  • “I wish I knew how important homework was.”
  • “I wish I knew I could handle harder classes.”
  • “I wish I knew studying strategies that would’ve prepared for the SAT over the years.”
  • “I wish I knew that schoolwork with friends is a lot better than doing it alone.”
  • “I wish I knew how many friends I would make.”
  • “I wish I knew you could take ACC classes IN school.”
  • “I wish I knew where the pool was.”
  • “Freshman year is the foundation of your GPA.”
  • “Do your work and try hard! Don’t blow off your freshman year!
  • “I wish I knew they were going to change the room numbers.”
  • “I wish I knew how fun clubs were.”
  • “I wish I knew how important college preparation was.”
  • “I wish I knew it was okay to ask for help if I’m confused about something.”
  •  “I wish I knew I would have to save up for a laptop.”
  •  “I wish I knew how important ACE was.”
  •  “I wish I knew how valuable the time we get to relax is.”

So, freshmen Class of 2019, the seniors of 2016 hope you’ll be able to clearly see the importance of these things as an equal balance. Friends and homework can be shared. Clubs and GPA can work together and help each other and maybe the pool will be found too. Good luck.