Top 10 spring trends

What to expect in makeup, clothes, and jewelry


Aimee Bozoudes

Student wears a floral dress with leggings and lace-up pointed shoes. They shoes can be found at Target.

by Natalie Ditsler, Staff Writer

Everything becomes warm and colorful when spring comes around and this carries into fashion. Makeup looks, styles, and patterns all completely change with spring. This list touches on the top 10 big trends for this time of year.

Blooming from head to toe

 1. As expected of spring, flowers are a big trend, but only in the form of a long, draped dress. The cut of the dress doesn’t matter as long as it is graceful and patterned with flowers, then it’s on point.


2. Sandals of all sorts are popular right now. Especially gladiators and lace-ups. They range anywhere from sandals that reach up to the knees, to near-flip flops that tie at the ankle.

Bed Time

3. Pajamas are slowly carrying into everyday wear. First it was nightgown slips, now designers are coming out with matching silky button ups and pj bottoms. Those who enjoy wearing their pajamas all the time can now do it with less judgment.

Poppy of Color

4. Some popular colors for spring will be pastels, purple, green, yellow, teal and a lot of red.

Shoulder Saddle

5. Crossbody saddle bags are everywhere and are beginning to be produced in more fun and bright ways for spring. Coach has added a spring flare to these bags by adding multicolored flowers.

Booming with pattern

6. Bomber jackets are a big trend that has a large range of potential. Depending on your style, you can find some with bold patterns and bright colors or some with more muted colors and styles.

Hanging around

7. Chandelier earrings are becoming more popular again. The more bling, the better.


8. Anything with stripes is your friend for spring. They can be dressed up or dressed down and can be worn in any season.

To the point

9. Pointed flats and Mary Janes are an easy but comfortable way to stand out. Mary Janes can be used for a more edgy look while pointed flats can be more sophisticated.

Light Metal

10. Makeup is anything from bright and bold to natural and subtle. Metallic shades are also popular.