Testing is coming

5 helpful tips to prepare for finals

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

Finals are coming up again and whether you are taking school finals, AP, ACC or IB tests here are some tips for how to prepare for you end of the year tests. The most important thing to consider though is that using all these tips weeks, not days, before the tests make them most effective

Read over old material
Over the year a lot of notes, homework and tests have built up and the best way to prepare for what will be on your final, AP, ACC or IB test is to look back at this material. Chances are you’ve forgotten some information from September and a good refresher can be crucial because finals are covering information from the entire year.

Create your own study sheet
One of the best ways to review is by creating your own review material. You know better than anyone else what concepts you are struggling with or confident about so by creating a study sheet you can add whatever you want. Even if your teacher has powerpoints of all the information, a study sheet, which can just be a Google Doc, can be helpful because you can emphasize what you need to focus on and you can put all of the information in one place.

Stay away from study groups
Everyone likes being with friends and meeting up at Starbucks but for a majority of people, study groups should be avoided. They can be helpful if you are at a place like a library, but a loud, busy place can be distracting. Also being at home can be too relaxing and most people will end up talking about how stressed they are for finals instead of studying for them.

Rewrite notes
Studies have shown that writing helps in memorization more than typing. So, go back over notes and write down any important information. You can then keep this paper in places that you will see it daily like the refrigerator, in a binder or by your kitchen table. You don’t have to study that paper 20 minutes a day but even just glancing at it for a few seconds while you’re pouring a glass of water can lead to memorizing something.

Quiz yourself
You can read over things as much as you want, but you are preparing for a test so it is important to make sure that you are testing yourself. When you feel confident enough, say out loud the things that you need to remember without looking at your notes and when you’re done you can look back at the notes. You can quiz yourself by another person, flashcards or any other method but it’s important to see where you’re at because you want have any notes for that test.