There’s More Than Just a Pumpkin Spice Latte


Other pumpkin spice products that could make life 10 times better:

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte – only available during Autumn; runs for about $4 at Starbucks for a Venti
  • Chapstick/Lip balm – limited edition by most selling companies, but does provide a festive flavor and scent for your lips; goes for $4 and under online
  • Pudding – ready to be eaten or can be made with the addition of a few ingredients; under $3 at Walmart
  • Air freshener – who wouldn’t want their house to smell like the holiday season?; $5 and under
  • Pie – already made is $5 and under, but the separate ingredients to make a homemade pie costs more than $5
  • Greek Yogurt; $4 and under
  • Butter – I can’t believe it isn’t sold year ’round!; $8 and under
  • Chewing gum; under $22 from Amazon
  • Dog treats; – get the flavor without having to swallow, plus, no calories; $7 and under
  • Oreos – limited edition and occurs once a year; under $9
  • Bagels – the bagel is already flavored, no cream cheese necessary; $5 and under
  • M&Ms – because it’s possible; $14 and under
  • Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Lotion – not only could your home smell like the holidays, but so could you; all under $10
  • Marshmallows – add some flavoring to your hot chocolate (it’s a match made in a cup); under $7