Top 10 apps for students


Caroline Cravens

All the top ten apps

by Caroline Cravens, Assistant Editor

iPhone apps are almost infinite, but here’s ten that are great for students.

  1. Snapchat – Definitely one of my favorites. I love the latest update that lets you view a variety of news sources like CNN, ESPN and People. Snapchat is slowly becoming more just an app for making funny faces with your friends.
  2. Free GraCalc – Great for students that don’t have a fancy Ti84. This apps works almost as well as any Ti84 from Texas Instruments, plus it’s got equations and references.
  3. Instagram – Basically one of the better social media sites in my opinion. There’s no character limit. Be sure to follow us @lhspublications
  4. Twitter –  The social media site to be on. If you’re not on Twitter I don’t know how you procrastinate. Be sure to follow us @lHSROAR
  5. Spotify – My favorite way to listen to music; there’s tons and tons of music for free on this app. Every now and then there’s commercials but if you download Spotify Premium for a fee there’s no ads and unlimited skips. However, the free Spotify works great!
  6. GroupMe – Group texts can get super annoying, but they’re still fun. The solution is this app. It allows you to mute notifications but keeps all the fun of a group text.
  7. InstaSize – This app is fantastic for resizing pictures so that they fit perfectly in Instagram, there’s a wide range of filters too.
  8. POMELO – A photo editing app that has the best filters I’ve ever seen. All my selfies I edited with this app make me look like a movie star.
  9. Remind – Most teachers use Remind (what used to be Remind101), it’s definitely helpful to have the app instead of just getting texts from random numbers all the time.
  10. Google Drive (and its various accessory apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides etc.) – I use Google Drive a lot at school, but it’s nice to have on my phone so I can access it anywhere.