Top 5 Superbowl commercials

Some came for the sport, others for the ads

by Taylor Key, Staff Writer

As one of the biggest sporting events of the year, the Superbowl brings in millions of viewers to watch two sports teams go head to head for the championship title. But it isn’t only sports fans who tune in, a large majority of these viewers come in just to see what sort of commercials are put out, and 2017 was full of many great ones.

1. Avocados from Mexico

Taking on a very Illuminati, secret society, vibe this commercial is one of the more humorous based ones that aired, a fresh breath of air from sad insurance commercials and ones based around pets. Playing off the conspiracy theories about how the moon landing is fake, area 51 existence, and how people are finding out the secret that avocados are actually good for you. It’s a great commercial for a quick laugh.

2. Snickers Live

With Snickers having a brand reputation for commercials based around the idea that “you’re not you when you’re hungry”, it’s clear to see their spoof of a live commercial is meant to embody this. Adam Driver, in what proves to be live commercial in which the current game score is said, messes up both his lines and the entire set showing just what will happen when you’re hungry and off your game.

3. Wix.Com

While most people can become oblivious when they get wrapped up in a task, this website creator commercial shows that only the entire building exploding can yank you away from their process. Filmed incredibly well and humors without going overboard, it’s truly a solid commercial that’s enjoyable to watch.

4. Budweiser

While being one of the most controversial ads of the night, leading some people to go as far as boycott the brand, this beer commercial is, if nothing else, incredibly moving. With immigration being quite the hot topic in recent news, the commercials tells of how one of its founders immigrated to the United States in hope of being able to craft his own beer; the journey getting him there full of hardships and prejudice.

5. Audi

Being another commercial that falls under the ‘controversial’ umbrella the Audi commercial promoting equality for women, especially in the aspects of pay, is still a well shot and well acted advertisement regardless of how people feel about the issue. Incredibly cinematic with a touching message from a father to his daughter, it definitely is worth a mention as one of the best.