Top 7 April fools’ gags



Chatty teeth for April fool’s day

by Austin Graham, Staff Writer

Plastic wrap
-Plastic wrap can be heaven for a prankster. Plastic wrap can be applied into doorways so that someone will think they’re walking into the next room, but in reality walk into a wall of plastic. Just like people, cars aren’t safe on April fools’ as long as the prankster is daring enough to wrap their friends(or enemies) car in plastic wrap. You can even wrap plastic wrap around a bottle of hand lotion so it won’t work!

Air horn behind the door
-Loud sounds when unexpected can make almost anyone jump, especially if it’s from an air horn. Duct taping an air horn behind a door exactly right to where the door will hit the horn when opened can be a hard prank, but very worth the effort.

Change a friend’s phone¬†language
-What does that say? Ask to borrow a friend’s phone then go to the settings and change the language for a sneak attack.

Macaroni under the toilet seat
-If you want to make someone feel like they broke a toilet seat, here’s how. Tape a plastic bag filled with uncooked macaroni noodle under any toilet seat. When the victim sits on the toilet the cracking noises will make them think they broke it.

Block a mouse sensor
-If you really wanna get on someone’s nerves, tape a piece of paper or funny image on the bottom of a computer mouse blocking the sensor. This will make their mouse not work, leaving them confused until they find the source of their frustration.

Coat the soap
-“Honey, the soap isn’t working!” If you are devious enough to coat a bar of hand soap in clear nail polish, the soap will no longer lather.

Whoopie cushion
-The most classic prank in the book to embarrass your friends. Whoopie cushions can be bought at most gag stores and are easy to use.