Year in Review


Siandhara Bonnet

A year full of laughs, tears, fire drills, ice days, and finally goodbyes

by Senior Staffers

2014-2015 has been a crazy year. Here are the highlights:

  • When a theatre kid drops a mix-tape
  • A five hour fire drill and a three hour lockdown
    • When you’re forced to pee in unconventional places during a lockdown
    • SWAT on the roof
    • #WhiteEagleReady
  • A banana running across the football field
  • When you owe 300 hours
  • Two hour delay on the Rouse game
  • Taco Tuesday and the candy table getting banned
  • When you had a DJ in the courtyard
  • Selfies with Spicer
  • When everybody else’s senior prank is cooler than yours
  • Fire drill at prom
  • 0-10
  • Savage tug-of-war tweets
  • Black light pep rally
  • Getting lost on Day 1
  • Shaking the gym with spirit at Basketball games
  • Soccer going to playoffs
  • When the stands are more full for a soccer game than the entire football season
  • DI going to Globals
  • Starting twitter fights over nothing
  • Savage publications staffs
  • Selling out of yearbooks
  • Ice day with no ice
  • #BradSpotted
  • Award winning Publications
  • Softball making it to Regional Quarterfinals
  • OneAct making it to Region