You Know You’re a Lion If….

You know you’re a Lion if:

  • you live on a steady diet of Super Donuts, Starbucks, and Subway.
  • you’ve had a Twitter war over the Homecoming Dress Up Days.
  • you miss the Candy Lady.
  • you’ve taken a selfie with Principal Spicer.
  • your mum weighs more than you do.
  • you wait to leave campus at 5:30 because they are required to take the boot off your car.
  • you identify Mrs. Meyer as the one who used to be pregnant.
  • you turn your back when you’re a senior at a pep rally.
  • you can walk home and back within a passing period.
  • you strategically avoid the atrium to avoid getting dress-coded.
  • you still cheer on your football team when they’ve yet to win a single game.