Controversial crop tops

Brandy Melville’s infamous sizing issue

by Jharna Kamath, Reporter

Widely known for its Instagram-worthy clothing, fairy-light filled storefronts and California aesthetic, Brandy Melville is extremely popular amongst teenage girls. Despite these universally appealing characteristics, there is one factor that limits the store’s clientele: its sizing. 

All of the trendy clothing, from crop tops to plaid skirts to floral dresses is made only in the size extra small. A few pieces, like jeans and pants, go up to slightly larger sizes, but even these don’t fit many of the girls in the demographic that the store targets. 

“It can be kind of discouraging when I see a really cute skirt or pair of pants, but they don’t fit,” junior Mia Evans said. “Sometimes I try to make things fit even when I know they don’t.”

But, as mentioned previously, Brandy Melville’s appeal is hard to ignore, and many find themselves shopping there regardless.

“All of their clothes are so cute,” Evans said. “I don’t think about the ethical side of things when I’m shopping there.”

Along with sizing, the store’s vintage aesthetic masks its true nature. Brandy Melville is still fast fashion. 

“It just doesn’t feel like other fast fashion brands do,” Evans said. “The type of clothes and the way the stores are decorated make it seem completely different.

Ultimately, shopping at Brandy Melville is something that potential customers need to decide whether or not is worth it. 

“One thing that I try to do is look for similar clothes at thrift stores,” Evans said. “Even though it’s harder to find cute things there, it’s definitely more ethical.”